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Marine Pumps
We stock a wide range of marine pumps and pump spares from some of the worlds leading manufacturers. Our comprehensive worldwide database enables us to supply marine pumps and spares at extremely competitive prices. Moreover, Equator's Riding Crew are not only able to install replacement marine pumps and parts but also provide ongoing support in the form of on board maintenance. We supply heavy duty marine pumps for engine rooms for anything up to full military specifications. The three main marine pump manufacturers we stock are Imo, Hamworthy and Jabsco.

Imo Pumps
We stock and source Imo pumps and spares designed for engine rooms services. Imo pumps are also produced for lubrication services for diesel engines, gas and steam turbines, and other heavy duty marine equipment. Imo pumps are of an impeccable build quality and can be supplied to commercial marine standards or to full military specifications.

Hamworthy Pumps
We also stock and source Wärtsilä Hamworthy pumps and spares, which are suitable for engine rooms and other heavy duty purposes. These are high quality products made in the UK and a trusted brand throughout the commercial shipping industry. Hamworthy's centrifugal pumps are designed for engine rooms and come in a range of sizes to suit most needs. The main advantage of Hamworthy Pumps, apart from their durability, is simplicity of design, which allows fast and easy repairs and maintenance.

Jabsco Pumps
Our third most popular marine pump and spares manufacture is Jabsco. Jabsco is a worldwide leading manufacturer of products for the leisure marine market. We stock or source Jabsco pump spares for marine leisure engines, including centrifugal, clutch and impeller pumps, as well as general purpose pumps for a range of on board uses.

Other Marine Pump Brands

ISHII is the oldest established marine pump manufacturer in Japan and has a worldwide reputation for quality, durability and ease of maintenance and repair. We stock or source ISHII centrifugal marine pumps and parts, together with spares for a wide range of their other products.

Naniwa Pumps
Naniwa is an extremely popular and reliability Japanese brand of marine pumps and the most requested by the world's seafaring and offshore markets. We stock or source Naniwar centrifugal marine pumps and parts, together with spares for a wide range of their other products.

TKK Pumps
TKK are a leading manufacturer and supplier of marine pumps based in Thailand. They are a rapidly growing company with a reputation for high quality products. As a smaller company they have a reputation for attention to detail and are able to design products with a greater focus on on customer needs than many larger manufacturers. We stock or source a wide range of TKK pumps and parts, together with spares for a wide range of their other products.

Westfalia Separators
Oil lubricants for marine engines get increasingly contaminated with daily use. Not only do metal impurities get deposited in the oil from the friction of sliding parts but also residues from the combustion process can mix with condensed water and organic traces, which then find their way into the oil sump. Moreover, the corrosive action of the acid content of the oil upon these impurities - together with foreign substances - can act as a catalysts, which can prematurely age the oil. These impurities often find their way into the oil lube circuit, which can accelerate the ware and tear process to the engine. The solution is to ensure that you have a good separator installed and to make sure that it is kept in good working order and is regularly maintained. We stock the reliable Westfalia Separator and a wide range of parts to give you peace of mind during longer voyages.

ALUP Compressors
ALUP Kompressoren is a leading manufacturer of marine air compressors founded in Germany but now based in the UK. They introduced screw compressor technology to the market in 1980 and have a reputation for high quality and service in the compressed air industry. Indeed, their research and development teams ensure that ALUP products provide an optimized, energy efficient and cost effective solution to suit the individual needs of the most demanding customers.

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